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Internships and Student Research Projects


Interested in complementing your studies with practical experience? Here you can find information to make this happen.
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M.Sc. WASTE Students at recycling plant
M.Sc. WASTE Students at recycling plant



The objective of an industrial internship is to learn about the engineer’s responsibilities and working methods in various areas. Furthermore, an internship provides insights into the organizational structures of a company and the social aspects of the work atmosphere.

The purpose of an internship is to complement academic learning and to enable students to apply and reinforce their theoretical knowledge in a practical setting, e.g. by taking part in a project. In this way, the trainees have the chance to get to know in-plant processes as well as production, development, planning, monitoring and controlling methods in any of the following fields: air quality control, solid waste and/or wastewater process engineering. Students have the following options to allocate their Internship credits within their curriculum:

  • 6 ECTS in one of their Specialized Areas (Replacing 3ECTS elective module and practical work)
  • 6 ECTS in the Advanced Elective Modules
  • 6 ECTS in Additional Modules (Out of the required 120 ECTS)

Industries, small and middle-sized companies, engineering offices, and public entities, e.g. ministries, government agencies, municipal entities as well as non-university research institutes are equally suitable to carry out an industrial internship. More information could be found on our Internship guidelines


To register an Industrial Internship, you need to first find a supervisor/topic at the company/entity you are interested in conducting your internship. Subsequently, please submit the filled registration form to the M.Sc. WASTE Internship's Office and arrange an individual counseling session. To recognize the credits of your internship on your curriculum, please keep in mind that you must submit a final Internship report. Further details could be found on our Internship guidelines.


Student Research Projects


Student Research Projects (SRPs) are 12 ECTS Modules intended to enhance the research skills of the students. They can only be allocated in the Advanced Elective Modules within the M.Sc. WASTE Curriculum.

SRPs offer students the opportunity to conduct literature review, practical work and/or simulation-related activities at one of the Institutes of the University of Stuttgart. 


To register a Student Research Project, students must first choose a topic based on their interests. Then, professors/researchers at the corresponding institute at the University of Stuttgart must be contacted. If offered an SRP, the students must fill up the registration form, get it signed by their examiner, and submit it to the Examinations Office.

Keep in mind that your examiner must be one of the professors of the Eligible Professors for SRPs and Master Thesis

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