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German Courses & Key Qualifications

Not a native German speaker? Have you not achieved enough proficiency to comply with the Program requirements? Here you can read about the options available to reach your study goals.
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German Courses

Students with a German proficiency certificate (German language knowledge Basic User A2 under the CEFR) will be exempted from the German Language Intensive Course and the extensive courses. Instead, they have to choose Key Qualification modules worth 6 ECTS in total.

Although the M.Sc. WASTE program can be completed entirely in English, some electives modules are only taught in German. Knowing sufficient German is also necessary for daily activities that come with living in Germany, such as grocery shopping, getting a haircut, etc.

Students who are not German native speakers or cannot certify German proficiency during their application (Basic User A2 under the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages - CEFR) have to participate in the German Language Intensive Course (GIC) starting at the beginning of September. This course provides the basis for the German language courses during the first and second semesters. Upon admission to the program, all details and registration for the GIC are arranged by the M.Sc. WASTE Office directly.

Students who have not reached the Basic User A2 after the GIC must take part in mandatory German extensive language classes (GEC) during the first and second semesters of the study program (Extensive Courses). These two courses provide 6 ECTS towards program completion.

Students interested in improving their German skills beyond Basic User A2, should take a look at the Offer of the Language Center of the University of Stuttgart or Private German Academies. After completion of a German Course, recognition of credits towards the program can be done.

Key Qualifications

What are Key Qualifications?

Students who have proven their German knowledge, must substitute the German Courses credits with Key Qualification modules (2 modules of 3 ECTS each). These modules are offered by the University of Stuttgart and include various topics from different fields of knowledge. These aim to provide students with key skills (Intellectual and social skills, competencies, and qualifications) that when coupled with technical expertise, ensure that one can succeed in the workplace and in society.

Detailed information on the available options can be found on C@MPUS for enrolled students. A brief description by category can be also reviewed on the webpage of the Center for Education and Life-Long Learning and the Language Center of the University of Stuttgart.


Registration period

The registration period for Key Qualifications changes depending on if its a) a course offered during the semester break or b) a course offered during the semester. A thorough description of how to register for the key qualifications is available here.

The respective registration period will always be announced in advance. Please check the website of the Center for Education and Life-Long Learning, the Language Center and the C@MPUS documentation website regularly.

M.Sc. WASTE Students - Healthy Cooking Workshop
M.Sc. WASTE Students - Healthy Cooking Workshop

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