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M.Sc. WASTE Generation 2020


Name: Allawi, Shakir

Background: The University of Hong Kong

Hobbies: Meditation, hiking, travelling, singing and guitar playing


Name: Alvarado Acosta, Edelink Abril

Nationality: Mexican

Background: Instituto Tecnologico de Merida

Hobbies: Triathlon, cooking, meeting new people


Name: Bhadane, Prasad Dilbhar

Nationality: Indian

Background: Savitribai Phule Pune University (Formerly University of Pune)

Hobbies: Singing, health, event management


Name: Bunces Sunta, Pablo Agustín

Nationality: Ecuadorian

Background: Universidad Central del Ecuador

Hobbies: Soccer, Biking, video games, cooking


Name: Gupta, Ayush

Nationality: Nepalese

Background: Kalinga Institute of Industrial technology

Hobbies: Playing Video Games, Listening Music, Travelling


Name: Li, Chengyu

Background: Technische Hochschule Lübeck (FH)

Hobbies: Table Tennis, LOL (League of Legends)


Name: Lomeli Mercado, Carlos Teodoro

Nationality: Mexican

Background: Universidad de Guadalajara

Hobbies: Badminton and watching series


Name: Mak, Man Hei Marvin

Background: City University of Hong Kong

Hobbies: Music, playing guitar, climbing, camping, hiking


Name: Meyer, Marvin

Nationality: German

Background: Universität Trier


Name: Mirzaei, Masoumeh

Nationality: Afghani

Background: Avicenna University



Name: Nwamuo, Macdonald

Nationality: Nigerian

Hobbies: Sports, Travelling, Research


Name: Portillo Cortez, Harold José

Nationality: Salvadoran

Background: University of El Salvador

Hobbies: Programming languages, running, guitar, traveling


Name: Takam Fonkou, Destin

Nationality: Cameroonian

Background: Rivers State University of Science and Technology

Hobbies: Football, Movies & Travelling


Name: Toriello España, Natalia

Nationality: Guatemalan

Background: Universidad Iberoamericana

Hobbies: Music, Travelling, Languages


Name: Vats, Shivam

Nationality: Indian

Background: The North Cap University, Gurgaon

Hobbies: Playing Badminton, gardening


Name: Wang, Xihe

Nationality: Chinese

Background: South China Agricultural University

Hobbies: Travelling, reading


Name: Zhou, Yichong

Nationality: Chinese

Background: Technische Hochschule Lübeck (FH)

Hobbies: swimming

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