January 7, 2019; Nelson Rincón

The company EuRec Environmental Technology GmbH is looking for Interns/HiWis and offering some Master Thesis topics as well.

Mr. Wienands (Attached email) is the head of the company and has had good experiences with MSc. WASTE students in the past. Therefore, he would like to look for some students from our program to conduct some projects.


The general project is summarized as follows:


“Three waste packaging lines were delivered by the EuRec. The lines consist of a crusher, a magnetic separator and a ball-milling of the waste. To increase the line output (Or an increase of the bale production capacity) the line should be optimized.

The aim is to evaluate the experiences gained in practical operation and, where appropriate, to implement them in coordination with our specialist engineers in the respective machine programming and then to document the optimized operating behavior. Furthermore, possibilities for the separation of high-calorific fractions from the waste should be evaluated and evaluated for the situation there.”


Russian language proficiency/knowledge would be advantageous, but it is not a requirement.


Attached you can find the Task Description and the general requirements

If you are interested in any of the opportunities, please contact Mr. Wienands directly.


Best Regards,