Objective of the Program

Air and water pollution control as well as the removal of waste are challenges facing society throughout the world. We have to face these challenges and try to find appropriate solutions.

In addition to dealing with the political and legal implications, the specific education and training of engineers has become an essential prerequisite in mastering these environmental challenges. The Universität Stuttgart has a long tradition of teaching and research in these areas and, for that reason, is offering an interdisciplinary Master of Science degree in Environmental and Process Engineering called “Air Quality Control, Solid Waste and Waste Water Process Engineering” (WASTE).

The program will provide students with the education necessary to meet these multidisciplinary demands. Not only is the scientific structure ideal in Stuttgart, but there are also very close ties between the academic world and the industry in the state of Baden-Württemberg. In Stuttgart, students have a wide range of opportunities to gain first-hand practical experience in some of the small and medium-sized companies that form the backbone of this state’s economy.

This degree program is designed for for persons (foreigners and Germans) wishing to find employment in Germany as well as abroad in internationally operating enterprises or in small and medium sized companies and will provide participants with profound knowledge in the state of the art in the field of environmental technology. It will cover air quality, solid waste and waste water control and treatment technologies based on the fundamentals of process engineering.

Some of the lectures from this program are supported by the project "100-online" of the Universität Stuttgart.
Furthermore, the WASTE program is participating in the "Virtuelle Hochschule Baden-Württemberg".